We try to keep the number of rules to a minimum, and rely upon common sense and considerate behaviour towards others, but if you’d like to book then please ensure that you have read and will adhere to the following:

  • The maximum group size is 5 tents / campervans and 10 adults – larger groups, even if booked, will be turned away
  • You may have up to 5 day visitors per group (not per tent) – it is £4 per adult and £2 per child and they must be offsite by 10pm
  • We aren’t able to reserve particular pitches but groups should certainly be able to camp together
  • The lower pastures are car free: do not drive beyond parking areas
  • Leave a minimum of 3 metres between tents in a group and 6 metres to other tents and firepits
  • Please see our campfire page if you would like a fire – only use existing firepits and never leave a fire unattended
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult and supervised whilst onsite
  • Groups of young adults (under 25) must email prior to booking
  • Do not collect wood from the woodland, it is left to provide habitat – please check in the shop for wood delivery times
  • Strictly no smoking in any building, and never put cigarettes into the composting toilets – this is a serious fire risk
  • Show children how to use the composting toilets – there are instructions inside
  • Keep dogs on leads, only let them soil in long grass, and clean up after them at all times
  • Do not litter, ensure that all cigarette butts are collected, and never put glass or bottle tops in the firepits
  • Groups may use a standard sized gazebo
  • Use the bag provided for your recycling (glass, tins, plastic, paper) and drop your recycling and rubbish off at the main bins near the entrance – do not leave bags in the camping areas
  • We do not allow any amplified music – including phones – but you may play acoustic instruments, just ensure that you are considerate and don’t play late in the evening
  • Do not use drones onsite – these can be a disturbance and invade the privacy of other campers
Be Considerate! Please try to respect the environment and your fellow campers. If you’re staying up late then keep the noise down so that others can sleep, and if you’re up at dawn with young children then try not to disturb those who are still asleep.

We strongly recommend that you bear in mind the following during your stay:

  • Do not pitch directly under trees, especially if winds are forecast
  • Identify any plants that you intend to eat and ensure that children do not eat unknown plants and berries
  • Thistledown is a natural environment: be aware of ticks, wasps, stinging plants, uneven or slippery ground, and the three ponds onsite (marked on the map and arrival leaflet)
  • Keep foodstuffs in your tent or off the ground overnight – badgers are always looking for an quick snack!
Thinking of Booking? If you book for camping then you’ll be asked to agree to the above rules plus booking terms. Refund and cancellation information will be provided during the booking process, or you can click here.