We’ve opened the booking system a little earlier than normal this year. We seem to book up faster every season so if you have dates in mind then please book as soon as possible. There are a couple of changes for 2017. The price per adult has increased by £1. The price of children, dogs and tents hasn’t changed. We’ve also reduced the maximum number of tents in the 3rd Pasture by 5 pitches, so that area will now accommodate 35 tents. Although we already have one of the lowest tent densities in the UK (yes, it’s a thing!) this will ensure that there is less pressure on facilities and guests have even more space to relax! We are also reducing the maximum group size to 5 tents / 15 adults. This will be disappointing for some, but we’ve found it harder to manager some of the larger groups, and we want to maintain a space that is relaxing and peaceful for all guests. Read more

We first planted a willow hedge in 2009. Since then we’ve taken cuttings almost every year to plant around the farm. These cuttings are known as ‘rods’. Coppicing the willow makes it sprout multiple stems from the base, meaning that the next year you have a bushier hedge and even more rods to plant. Willow roots very easily thanks to high levels of rooting hormones in the bark. A willow rod stuck in the ground overwinter will soon root and after just a couple of years you’ll be able to harvest rods from it. You can even make your own ‘rooting tea’ using chopped up willow twigs (no leaves or older branches) soaked in water. This tea can be used to stimulate root development in other plants. Read more

We have new stock in the shop this year. The shop is usually open 9am – 8pm Fridays, 9am – 6pm Saturdays and 9am – 4pm Sundays. Weekday times vary, but we’re open most of the day during holiday periods. If you have any suggestions for products we should stock, or queries about stock, then please let us know. Read more