Arrival at Thistledown

To the left is a map of Thistledown Farm. When you arrive please park at the shop and reception (signposted when you arrive) and check-in (ideally between 11am and 5pm). The opening times are on the door, and if reception is closed then you can take a map from the box, head down to your camping area and check-in the next morning.

On arrival you will receive a leaflet with site information and map so that you can explore the farm and find the facilities and so on. If you would like then you can take a basic walking map, showing footpaths around the farm – please ensure that you take one if you’re heading into Woodchester Park. We recommend using an OS map if you intend to go for long walks – these are available in the shop. You’ll also be given a recycling bag; the leaflet tells you exactly what can go in it.

You can park beside your tent in the Elderflower Orchard whereas the lower pastures are car-free: you must leave your vehicle at the car parking areas and walk to the camping areas. Wheelbarrows are provided and you can also get a lift in our lightweight 4×4, which doesn’t damage the grass. This costs £5 and is usually available between 11am and 5pm.