You don’t need anything but a tent for a weekend away, but there are a few items that will definitely make your stay a little bit more comfortable. Below is a list of things that may prove useful during your stay at Thistledown, but do bear in mind that, especially in the car-free pastures, you don’t want to overpack! If you forget to anything then pop up to the shop – we stock batteries, washing-up liquid, cloths and more.

  • If you would like a campfire then newspaper is handy – firelighters and matches are available in our shop
  • If you plan to cook over your fire then don’t forget a grill and cooking utensils
  • There are no electric hook-ups so make sure your gadgets are charged
  • If it’s hot then ice packs are a good idea – we can refreeze them during shop hours if we have freezer space available
  • A torch is essential so that you can find your way to the toilets at night
  • It might be warm during the day but it’s likely that you’ll get chilly at some point, so don’t forget warm clothes
  • Our waste water is treated environmentally so please try to bring biodegradable soaps for pans and yourself – these are also available in our shop
  • It’s a good idea to bring a first aid kit, including bite cream and plasters