We first planted a willow hedge in 2009. Since then we’ve taken cuttings almost every year to plant around the farm. These cuttings are known as ‘rods’. Coppicing the willow makes it sprout multiple stems from the base, meaning that the next year you have a bushier hedge and even more rods to plant. Willow roots very easily thanks to high levels of rooting hormones in the bark. A willow rod stuck in the ground overwinter will soon root and after just a couple of years you’ll be able to harvest rods from it. You can even make your own ‘rooting tea’ using chopped up willow twigs (no leaves or older branches) soaked in water. This tea can be used to stimulate root development in other plants. Read more

We have new stock in the shop this year. The shop is usually open 9am – 8pm Fridays, 9am – 6pm Saturdays and 9am – 4pm Sundays. Weekday times vary, but we’re open most of the day during holiday periods. If you have any suggestions for products we should stock, or queries about stock, then please let us know. Read more

It’s been a bit of a wait, but our new payment gateway has finally been activated and our booking system is now open. We’ve made a few changes and thought that it would be a good idea to make them as clear as possible. Firstly, the price per adult and per child is increased by £1. Since our last price rise, 4 years ago, the cost of materials and labour has gone up by quite a bit, so this will help to cover that.

We won’t be reserving the Badger Site for 2015. As we’ve become busier during the week as well as weekends it has become harder and harder to reserve this area, and we often find that it is under used because of this. From 2015 anyone will be able to camp in the Badger Site, regardless of group size, and use the 5 fire pits in there. We will still accept groups of up to 10 tents, but will not have any reservable areas.

We have decided that we will take bookings for dogs in 2015, but it is very important that all dogs are kept on leads and cleaned up after. This applies to all dogs and is non negotiable! We’d rather not ban dogs, so if you’re camping with a dog then please ensure that you are able and willing to stick to the rules!

It’s highly likely that we’ll be selling bagged wood from 2015 onwards. This is because the loose wood delivery is taking up so much of the day. If we’re not loading or unloading loose wood then we’re probably tarping it to keep dry or uncovering it to let it breathe! The bagged wood is still being delivered around the site, but it also available from reception.

Our online payment gateway has changed from Paypal to WorldPay, and we’ll also be taking card payment in our shop. This should make things easier for campers (no more driving down to Nailsworth for cash!) and ourselves (no more chasing unpaid tabs!). You therefore won’t be able to pay via Paypal when making a booking. Our cancellation policy has changed for 2015. As before, any bookings cancelled with at least 30 days’ notice will be refunded (90% refund). Bookings cancelled with less than 30 days’ notice but with at least 7 days’ notice will be refunded (90%) if we can rebook the space. Bookings that are cancelled with less than 7 days’ notice will not be refunded.

If you have any questions about the site then please send us an email using the contact page. Hopefully we’ll see you onsite soon!